My One-Ton Suburban Microfarm

The local newspaper interviewed me about my suburban micro-farm last summer which was a lot of fun. You can read it here

I have a few goals for my micro-farm:

1. Prove that vegetable gardens can be beautiful as well as productive

2. Produce enough fruits and vegetables  (and eggs)  as my family needs on my average size suburban lot (I'm on track to produce over 1 ton per year in the next year or two)

3. Show that everyone can produce at least some of their own food in the space that they have, and do so beautifully.

This sort of thing used to be encouraged! I'd like to help turn the tide of public opinion back toward supporting self-sufficiency, even in the suburbs. By showing that food production can be easy, and can enhance the landscape, I hope more and more will come on board and help bring back some of these forgotten skills.